a dreamers workshop

weeks of waiting and calendar flipping and i finally had the privilege of attending a Dreamers Workshop hosted by the lovely and talented Jamie Delaine.

i walked in there with my head held high while butterflies floated in my belly.  it's intimidating to put yourself out there especially knowing there are other ubberly gorgeous and very talented ladies (some who have been doing this for years) amongst you.  i'll admit it was nerve racking and there was more than once when i felt inadequate and if i thought i had a lot to learn before the workshop, all i can say is my head is still spinning now.  it's in information overload and i need to set some time aside and sort through it all.
i first found out about her through another photographer katya nova and i instantly fell in love with her writing.  and then i saw her work and fell in love all over again.  if i could afford her i would get her to take my pictures just so i could say Jamie Delaine took them.

my first opinion when i entered her workshop was what an adorable woman she is.  i was blown away by the fact that this ten year younger woman had found and established herself and her brand (and had taken the time to individually wrap each of us a box of her favorite chocolates and a little notepad with a pen...awww) while most times it feels like i'm still searching for who i am.  this is something i think most people struggle with until they build the confidence to believe in themselves.  in the back of my head is always "is this good enough? are they going to like their photos? will they tell their family and friends about me?"  because of this i've decided to revamp my whole thinking process.  although i'm being paid by my client, they are putting their trust in me to do what i do because they believe enough in me to trust me and it's time i did the same.  phew!  that was a mouthful.

 i am so excited to go forward with my business and put into effect everything i have learned from the workshop.

after vigorously taking notes all day and listening to every word she took us out in the field (literally) to show us how she interacts with her clients and a lesson in lighting. 

Models: Leanne & Sam
Flowers: Balconi Florist
Make-Up: Kristy Lee Make-Up

The very talented Jamie

A behind the scenes of the rest of the girls at the workshop

Afterwards we all sat down to dinner excitedly talking amongst each other about the days events.

it was an absolute pleasure to be there and i am so thankful Jamie took the time to put together this workshop.
i am also thankful to have met each and every one of the other ladies who attended.  i wish you all much success in your lives and for your business.


jamiedelaine said...

oana, thank you for this beautiful write-up! loved having you there.

Zxenarea said...

I loved being there! Every minute of it :) even when my bum went a bit numb from sitting lol.
The things you said, the wisdom you gave has really opened up my eyes. I will be forever grateful. It's awesome to know that there are other photographers out there who are willing to share and help the ones who struggle a bit.
Thank You so much!