To my Ears

i often find i can spend endless days staring at my screen with the cursor flashing wondering what to write.  this used to be easy for me when i was a child and i think that's because as a child we have no worries in our lives.  that is, nothing compared to the profound worries we accumulate as we get older.  looking back on my stories now seem silly and childish even to me and still i can't part with them.

i am a daydreamer.  i always have been and for the remainder of my life i always will be.  maybe this is why i can sit for endless days staring at a blank screen while my mind whirls with imagination.  however this makes it impossible to blog.

it used to be easy to speak from the heart.  it used to be easy to share my hopes and dreams and now it seems silly to admit to them when we live in a world where it's occupants judge us on what we do, what we have and who we are with, but no more.  there's one thing and one thing only that has always brought me back to reality and that's music.  no matter my age, no matter the time, no matter who i'm with, where i work or what i have music will always be my life link.

i first heard this song on MTV, ah good ol' t.v. when the rest of the world is catching up on their soaps and keeping in tune to reality t.v i find i have it on just for background noise.  the song is by Florence + The Machine, something i would not normally listen to but it just hit me in all the right places at the right time.  it combines everything i love about music and is now on repeat on my ipod.

there's also another song i found while trying to find the link to the one up above and it too is now on my ipod.  though they do sound a bit sad i find it totally relaxing and calming.  and i've been told My Love by Sia has been featured on Twilight :)  whether that's true or not i don't know.  i suppose i could research it but i'll leave that part up to you.  if it hasn't been on the soundtrack yet they really should add it, at the end of the final movie as the credits roll.



I know that my eyes already like you
I know that my heart loves you
I can hear your sound
I can feel your touch
Love is found